We Have Big News to Share

After months of planning, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

For over 6 years we have been proud to help restaurants, events, non-profits, retail stores, real estate developments and more develop PR and digital strategy that authentically speak to their goals. BOFCreative remains devoted to creating an exciting customer experience and we are looking forward to continuing the work of our agency for many years to come. Now it’s time to add a new focus to the BOFCreative family. 

We’re so excited to announce Be Consulting, our newest branch of BOFCreative. Be Consulting is focused on building digital marketing campaigns that inspire social good while helping organizations with incredible missions lift their voice above the digital noise. Be Consulting will build and develop a digital marketing roadmap for organizations to implement while BOFCreative will continue to create and manage social media content.

We’re passionate about organizations with big hearts and ambitious missions. It isn’t always easy to make a positive impact, especially when you may not know where to start with crafting or delivering your message. We want to change that. Through brand development, social media strategy, and staff training, we’re helping the companies that do good so the world can do better.

BOFCreative will continue to produce exceptional social media content and digital PR services for busy entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their online presence. Through Be Consulting, we’re looking forward to helping organizations all over the world find their unique community through effective digital marketing and storytelling that sparks social change. At the core, we believe your digital marketing strategy should authentically reflect the vision and heart of each company. We can’t wait to help tell the stories of organizations we admire most. 

Don’t miss a thing. Read our blog at beconsulting.co, like us on Facebook and check-in on LinkedIn.  


Christina + Jessi

Make Monday the Best Day of the Week

Art by R.Land at Folk Art

Art by R.Land at Folk Art

New week, fresh start. We're those strange people who love Mondays and get excited about a full to-do list. Here are some ways we take a Manic Monday and turn it into the most productive day of the week:

1) Tunes.

The right playlist can completely turn your mood around. Play something new and exciting, or throw it back to some 80’s pop. Our favorite tip: Head to a friends profile and pick one of their playlists to brighten your day. 

2) Try something new.

Treat yourself to that crazy new Starbucks beverage or the new lunch spot across the street. Straying away from your “norm” is the best way to get out of your mundane Monday life. It can be as simple as sitting in a new spot at the office or checking out all of the memes you missed over the weekend before diving into your emails.  

3) Take a break.

Believe it or not, breaks are the key to having a productive work day. Break out of your busy brain every now and then by taking a quick walk around the block, catching up with a buddy, or simply finding time to eat without any technology around you.

4) Get creative.

We all love our routines. Mix it up a little. Get the project you’ve been putting off done first thing. Find a different way of accomplishing your daily goals. If you can’t think of anything, the easiest thing to do is ask a friend what they’re routine is and swap! It gets your creative juices flowing and your brain will be functioning better than ever.

Social Media Halloween Costumes

Need a few last minute Halloween costume ideas? Take a pop culture cue from social media and let the compliments roll in at the parties this weekend.


Pixelated Image:

Someone in your apartment taking up all the Wifi and you get stuck with a half-loaded image? Go as this first-world-problem. It’s an easy one as long as you have some paint (and don’t itch your face)!


Social Media Platforms:

A PERFECT group costume. All you need are some plain colored tees, some tulle, and cardboard paper! Go the extra mile by adding your own tag or profile name, or throw it WAY back to Myspace and Xanga!



Go as “Hashtag Blessed”, “Hashtag Foodie”, “Hashtag Selfie” or anything in between. This is another great one to do as a group!


Snapchat Filters + Phone:

Take the dog-filter costume a step up by making an iPhone with the Snapchat app opened! Find a cardboard box, invite a couple friends, and it’s as easy as that.  

Instagram Stories Moving to Facebook

Facebook has officially confirmed the feature of syncing Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Seeing the explosion of popularity that Instagram Stories has received during year one, with nearly 250 million daily users (RIP Snapchat), creating a connection between these two platforms was a match made in heaven. So how can your business utilize this new tool?

An easier way for your business to connect with clients.

If you’ve noticed, it’s harder to get people to interact on Facebook business accounts. Business pages are less personal and feels like a representation of a website. With Instagram Stories, you are able to bring out personality and but a face to the name of your business! Play around with employee highlights, promotions & specials, and the new poll feature; the possibilities are endless.

Push consumers to your Facebook page & website.

While making a Instagram Story post, add in actions words, such as “Stay Connected on our Facebook page” or “Watch More on our FB Story” to keep your clients engaged. This in turn should create an increase of visits to your Facebook page, people liking your page, and overall following your business’ journey on the world wide web! This will be especially useful for more mature clientele who aren’t up to date with Instagram’s newest features. 

Time-efficient + user-friendly.

Truly, anyone can be a pro at making a beautifully done Instagram Story. We recommend watching other companies and social media influencers IG Stories to find inspiration! You will find great ways to connect with your audience, play around with color themes, learn what ways video works for you, and more. “[Facebook is] working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you”, says Facebook spokesperson.

Our Top Photo Editing Apps

VSCO - This app has blown up for being user-friendly and professional-grade quality. The filters that come with VSCO are great, but if you have a buck or two to spend, the extra filters they have are comparable to Lightroom. Some favorite filters of ours are N1, A6, & Q8. Practice makes perfect with this app, so find a photo that you can use to adjust color, lighting, shadows, etc. and you’ll be off to a great start!

FaceTune - This app has the bad reputation of being the “selfie app”, but it can be used for SO much more. The number one edit we use on FaceTune is the “Teeth Whitening” tool to make the whites in your photos pop. It makes your feed even more seamless by making whites all the same tone. Another great feature is the “Tones” tool, used to alter certain colors in your photos. This is great for portraits or landscapes when you want to edit someones hair that’s hitting harsh light or a tree that is blown out.

A Color Story - Created by the fantastic blogging duo of A Beautiful Mess, this effect and filter app is wonderful for finding what color theme is perfect for you and your Instagram quilt. A Color Story comes with a multitude of free filters, and tons more to purchase much like VSCO. They even have Lightroom presets that you can purchase to use for photo-editing on your computer! Check out A Beautiful Mess for inspiration. 

LD (Lens Distortions) - This free app isn’t one we use every day, but when you have a photo that just needs a little something special, LD is perfect. They have artificial light flares, fog, shimmers, etc. which make your photos stand out from the rest. This is another that may take some practice, but adjust the opacity of these effects as well as learn the best placement and you’ll be rocking intriguing, artsy photos in no time! 

Why to Utilize Micro-Influencers

WorkingGirl Sept-9_preview.jpg

Micro-influencers (a.k.a. social media personalities with 1k-100k followers) are a great way to encourage interaction around your product or client. There are several great reasons why they’re important to utilize in a strategic way, and here were a few of our favorites.

Top 5 Interesting Ways to Engage with Micro-Influencers:

  • Micro-influencers tend to have more engagement than larger influencers:

Because these influencers have a lower following than say a Kardashian, their lifestyle is attainable. What they say about a product is trusted and isn’t completely out-of-reach for your everyday consumer. It will also save your business money, as larger influencers have a higher fee per post. 

  • Easy to pinpoint an exact clientele for your product:

If you are interested in working with a micro-influencer, make sure they fit your brand. If you are a local restaurant, you wouldn’t want to use a fashion blogger to promote your food. Find a local foodie to promote your restaurant instead! You want to assure the people being reached are going to turn around and buy the product you’re promoting, not just give the photo a like. 

  • Creates a local buzz:

An easy way to encourage more interaction and sales is by staying local! Find a micro-influencer that is a native to your city that way they have a personal connection to the product your wanting to promote. That feeling will come across in their photos & captions, which will in turn push local consumers to your page. 

  • Turn weaknesses into successes:

Micro-influencers are a great way to take a part of your business, and flip it into something attainable and relatable for your audience. For example: If you are struggling with selling a specific t-shirt design, you could have an influencer take photos in the t-shirt, styled in an approachable way, and you can closely follow the growth of that design.

  • New content!

Influencers can create important user-generated content (UGC) for your brand for close to no cost. If you sell iPhone cases and you send out a couple cases to popular influencers, they can then style photos with those phone cases that you can screenshot or download and use on your feed! Don’t underestimate the power of a well-edited photo with great lighting and full of personality. 

Our Fall Favorites


Fall is filled with family, friends, and all things festive. 

Here is our team’s Fall Favorites this year:


Favorite candle scent?

Peppermint anything. Reminds me of Christmas time aka the best time of the year!

Favorite Fall fashion trend?

Sweaters and boots. Always. 

Favorite homemade dish?

Butternut squash mac and cheese. Amazing. 

Favorite family tradition?

Since having a kiddo, we love doing the whole pumpkin patch hayride thing! 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

The weather. This is what I wait all year for!


Favorite candle scent?

Anthropologie brand Illume’s Oatmeal Cookie candle. It’ll change your life.

Favorite Fall fashion trend?

I may or may not have a scarf hoarding problem… Needless to say scarves are my favorite fall trend, especially plushy infinity scarves! 

Favorite homemade dish?

My mom’s sherry chicken with pine nuts and pasta. It’s everything warm and cozy all in one dish.

Favorite family tradition?

The Lewis family is all a little competitive. We love having game night after our family dinners, including Sequence, Rummy, or Dominos. 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

Wood burning fires and yummy hot beverages!


Favorite candle scent?

Diptyque Feu de Bois. I'm lucky my husband likes expensive candles more than I do because these go quick around our house. 

Favorite fall fashion trend?

I'm super into my baker boy/newsboy hat, leather mini skirt, embroidered ankle boots, a velvet button down and sweaters that look like they are made of some retro shag carpet that are so ugly they're cute.

Favorite homemade dish?

If by homemade you mean something that someone else cooked for me, then I would have to say some sort of giant salad with lots of nuts, beets and roasted veggies. 

Favorite family tradition?

Drinking beer outside, scooping out pumpkin guts and complaining in solidarity about how hot it still is even though I secretly wish it would never get cold. 

Single favorite thing about Autumn?

Shopping for outfits I won't get to wear until January when it starts to cool off in Atlanta. 



Adventure Through the Northeast

Our own BOFCreative Account Coordinator, Tatum, recently went on a Northeastern adventure and is giving us her thoughts on Boston, New York and Philly. Keep reading! 

Harvard Natural History Museum

Harvard Natural History Museum

Stop 1 - Boston:

Boston is packed with historical sites. Everywhere you looked, there was bits and pieces of our American history. Visiting Harvard was no different, being the first university in the United States (founded in 1636). We explored the campus, looked at the extraordinary buildings with gorgeous architecture, and stumbled upon the Harvard Natural History Museum. They have preserved an obscene amount of fossils, animals, insects, and plants, it’s unbelievable. The staff was beyond helpful, hosting mini-lessons about the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creature they have preserved. I highly recommend visiting this Ivy League University, if not for it’s incredible history, but for this well done museum nestled into their campus. 

Grand Banks

Grand Banks

Stop 2 - New York:

You don’t need me to tell you how much energy and beauty New York City has to offer, so I’ll just say some of my most memorable spots on the trip. Riverside Park was beyond gorgeous. We strolled through the park around sunset, got a beer at a pop-up brewery, and then dined on the water at Grand Banks. You can enjoy fresh seafood while literally on the water in a beautifully decorated boat. The next night, we went to a comedy show at The Stand, where we first ate incredible food (for a really good price) then laughed ’til we cried in the main comedy room. There were special guests throughout the show, included Jim freaking Gaffigan! 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Stop 3 - Philadelphia:

You maybe caught the “history” theme of this trip, and it ended with a high note in Philly. With sites like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross’ home, and many more, everywhere you turn you will find something exciting about our country’s past. The Philadelphia Museum of Art was unbelievably beautiful, and there were so many famous pieces by some of the world’s greatest artists. Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, Warhol… I could go on. Aside from the history, Philadelphia’s food was some of the best on the trip! I recommend getting brunch at Mission Taqueria. Get the green juice margarita, and thank me later.